Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis

Guns are blazin’ in Harlem, an on going war between drug dealers is quickly spreading, and many people are dying; guilty and innocent alike. Dante Reynolds, aka Black, wants to live the American Dream and then some, he has the beautiful wife and children, the women on the side, and enough cash to buy anything he’s ever dreamed about. Being a drug dealer certainly has its perks.

Black has to witness the deaths of his friends and family, but each time he vows to get even. Blood shed, murder, betrayal, and an eleventh commandment, “Never Get Caught,” and erotic sex scenes are all a part of Black’s lifestyle now. His crew is called the Syndicate, and they are going to gun down anyone that gets in their way, or anyone that messes with their friends and family.

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis is a book that includes street slang, shoot ‘em up and leave no witnesses, and erotic nature all rolled into one. You get pulled into the story line and feel the connection Mr. Francis wants you to feel toward the main character. This was a very “gangster/drug dealer” sort of read, but it was enjoyable none the less. 4.5 Stars

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Black Crystal, Ebon Death by TM Mason *Kendall Publication

A boy left alone in the world is about to meet someone that will restore his place among Royalty. Burying his father is when the cloaked stranger appears, telling him that there will be consequences to the adventure they are about to partake together. He is the rightful heir to the throne, at fourteen years of age, he is skeptical but follows the Gray mage into a battle of the worlds.

Dragons, mage’s, Elves, and many more creatures as well as the Gray mage himself are entwined within this fantasy world created in the hands of Mr. Mason. A lonely boy is about to get a taste of what it is like to have power, he just must watch the evil that lives within his staff of power.

Black Crystal, Ebon Death is a fantasy novel that keeps you entertained the whole way through. Mason paints pictures with his words, making your imagination go into overdrive. A classic story about a boy going against the odds, with a twist is what Black Crystal, Ebon Death is all about. If you’re a fantasy reader, and are looking for something with a little new-age edge, this book is for you. The author writes in a unique style and is sometimes hard to follow, but this was still a good read. 4 Stars

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Time Well Wasted: The Story of 1st Platoon, 10th MP Co. in Somalia by D.S. Haines and Anthony Ciccone,Featuring the Journal of LT James E. Worthington

Time Well Wasted: The Story of 1st Platoon, 10th MP Co. in Somalia by D.S. Haines and Anthony Ciccone, Featuring the Journal of LT James E. Worthington"…That could actually summarize the entire Somalia operation—just a little throw up in the back of your throat and a taste that wouldn't ever go away." – Tony Ciccone

Time Well Wasted is the story told from D.S. Haines and Anthony Ciccone's recollected memories of their four month tour in Somalia. There were 21 men in the 10th MP Co. and each man contributed something special to this book. Whether it be a memory, an act of bravery, or a hilarious prank; Haines and Ciccone make sure to include the "real life" of the men in their platoon. With the help of the LT's journal entries, vivid details, and honest raw truth, Time Well Wasted is the best military book to come across my reviewing desk.

While there are unbelievable pranks, games and actions all throughout this book that will make you laugh uncontrollably, it is very real. Getting shot at any time of the day, pummeled with rocks by Somalian kids, unhealthy eating and hygiene habits, and the very real possibility that each day could be your last. I can not forget to mention LT James E. Worthington's journal entries, they were most of the time short sweet and to the point, but brought a whole new outlook to the reality of this mission.While Haines starts out joking as a young man, his transformation throughout this four month stay in Africa shows him progressing into a soldier, and at the end, an adult breaking speeding laws to make it home to have a couple of beers with his friends.

Haines and every man from the 1st Platoon, 10th MP Co. made it home alive with various stories to tell. I am beyond grateful that Mr. Haines, Mr. Ciccone, LT. James E. Worthington and every man mentioned or not, in Time Well Wasted, who served and put their lives on the line for their country. Soldiers, Marines and all other parts of the military do not get to always tell or show the realities of what is going on in war, but if each and every man or woman were to write a book such as these guys did, I guarantee they will be bought by those that truly do want to know the behind the scenes, and by those that have family in the Service, whatever branch it may be.

Time Well Wasted, is not a waste at all to read. It was enjoyable, graphic, laugh out loud hilarious and serious all at the same time. Everyone should read this book if they are at all interested in the Military. While the platoon had some down time and made the best out of it, they were all business when put in the line of duty. This is an explosive read, in more ways than one. Time Well Wasted will be shown on the big screen one day; of that I am sure. 5 Stars


Crystal AdkinsKendall Publication
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