Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis

Guns are blazin’ in Harlem, an on going war between drug dealers is quickly spreading, and many people are dying; guilty and innocent alike. Dante Reynolds, aka Black, wants to live the American Dream and then some, he has the beautiful wife and children, the women on the side, and enough cash to buy anything he’s ever dreamed about. Being a drug dealer certainly has its perks.

Black has to witness the deaths of his friends and family, but each time he vows to get even. Blood shed, murder, betrayal, and an eleventh commandment, “Never Get Caught,” and erotic sex scenes are all a part of Black’s lifestyle now. His crew is called the Syndicate, and they are going to gun down anyone that gets in their way, or anyone that messes with their friends and family.

Deadly Consequences by Karl Anthony Francis is a book that includes street slang, shoot ‘em up and leave no witnesses, and erotic nature all rolled into one. You get pulled into the story line and feel the connection Mr. Francis wants you to feel toward the main character. This was a very “gangster/drug dealer” sort of read, but it was enjoyable none the less. 4.5 Stars

Reviewed for Kendall Publication


Anonymous said...

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